Don’t Dwell In The Past


You once said if I planted the seeds

The plants will grow.



Here’s to eight months of despair,

-of misunderstandings

To eight months of gasping for air, of searching for something we never had.


And I would say you were not even born then,

Then when the government held women by their necks

And had his claws under their skirt’s.



My cousin & I were laying on our backs with our breasts pointing to the sun underneath our flowery dresses.

I lay there still without uttering a word while my cousin fidgeted and said this and that. From time to time I would make a sound of agreement or disapproval, with my mouth closed.

“I’m saying like, a choice is a choice. I mean your choice,my choice. Who is there to tell you no this choice is too high of a price for you to purchase? Who is there plastering prices on choices,?” she had said.

It seemed my cousin lived in a world beyond our village. A world she craved to explore.

“Cousin, you hear what I’m saying? Why are choices so hard? I like a dark moon, why is it so hard to say? Or for people to accept that!” She had said  again and got up to sit up so as to make her point.

I lay there quiet deep in my thoughts. There I was laying there with my mouth shut with my cousin next to me, but yet it seemed she was talking to someone else and I was just sitting somewhere under a tree watching this odd exchange. With the other girl sitting down and puking whatever came out of her mind. And the other just laying there, staring into space.




What happens when you feel you want to cry? The Green eyed hospital psychologist asked.

I was thirteen sitting on the edge of the chair, fighting the urge to run.

I look up like this. See? Then the tears go back before they can come out I had told her.

Slippery Rocks Of The Ocean

The morning sun woke Anita up. She rolled over to the side and smiled.

He was sound asleep or maybe he was awake,  but pretending to be asleep. There was only one way to find out.

Anita ran her soft hands down his hairy chest, past his navel, to his manhood.

She circled her hands around  the texture of his foreskin, rubbing it slowly at first, then she picked up rhythm.

She  was about to give up when he heard him starting to moan, his moans were loud & strange.

Anita often wondered if he moaned like that whenever he was with his wife.